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You have 724 acc on your A8s clear set. Did you use acc food? Did Valerie with 705 acc use acc food, or can we assume that even 705 is enough for hitting from the front?

I used Steamed Staff.

Alright, Summoner or Black Mage for raid progression or can a good Summoner take the spot of a good Black Mage due to their mobility?

Both are viable for different reasons. BLM brings utility in the form of Apoc and Manaward/wall. SMN brings utility in the form of an additional Swiftcast Raise and Supervirus. Mobility doesn't really factor into the conversation as a well played BLM has little trouble with mobility this tier.
I give my nod to BLM in terms of personal preference in progression as I value their defensive kit highly.
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Fending crafted ring (220) with penta melds versus Fending midan ring (240). Is the 46 crit worth losing for the 11 main stat vit? I'm thinking of Fel Cleave and getting those big crits, not sure what to factor in.

DPS wise, i220 wins.
Is the HP loss worth the small DPS gain? Up to you.

Whenever I go to Taco Bell, I only get a Crunchwrap Supreme, Cheesy Potato Burrito, and a Doritos Taco. Am I a heathen?

No, but you're going to have a heart attack. Keep the crunchwrap and ditch the rest.

I saw your A7S clear congrats :D im wondering why you changed from the drg drk comp to monk paladin. Our group is progressing through midas aswell and were very curious as to why. thank you ahead of time :D

After the first lockout of A7S we decided that PLD is exceptionally strong at dealing with the mechanics. MNK was a result of wanting an int debuff for Sizzlespark and Sizzlebeam after Delirium was removed from the party.

what does exceptional player means? everytime i try joinning a static they have this in their application sit

To me, being exceptional means never settling.

excuse me, sir. sorry if this is too forward but i was totally checking out your dragon girl and think we should get hitched? upward inflections make it a question. pls respond.

Depends. Only if you're a cute redhead.
*cadence intensifies*

My static just got into Floor 4 and are having issues with the third leg. Is it best to pop the second set of dps cooldowns before or after the first set of dolls? When should tanks use LD/Holmgang to make the fight easier? Boxers or briefs?

Ideally CDs should be popped as soon as the 3rd leg spawns. If you're running a NIN and doing sac strat, it's generally best to have the NIN LB asap. The rotation should be Suiton -> LB -> TA so that he isn't losing TA uptime during LB animation (LB1 is 5 second animation lock and Suiton is 10 seconds). There is a full 20 seconds of buff duration before the Straf doll spawns so long as you use them at the start of the leg.
Holmgang can be used fairly freely. I personally use it on the first leg, third hydrothermal and then get bene'd. This was necessary to build LB faster via critical healing while doing Nisi strat (we wanted LB2 on the third leg because we weren't sacing). Doing sac strat, LD should be reserved for the second Royal Pentacle and should be timed so that the healer LB3 removes the Walking Dead debuff. Any other uses are freedom of choice.

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Why do you cheat on me when you think I am too distracted to look at social media?

I thought we had an open relationship?

When you're planning when to use both offensive and defensive cooldowns, do you use a spreadsheet to do so? I remember watching your A4S Q&A and I was impressed by the spreadsheet you guys made!

There's usually not enough time during progression. As a result, it's mostly done in my head on the spot using video as a reference or through trial and error. Always try to test something every pull and never settle.
The A4S spreadsheet is a product of having multiple weeks worth of available time.

Why did SE force Warriors into the off tank role?

I don't think SE forced warriors into an off tank role so I'm not sure where this question stems from. Through 2.x, WAR MT with PLD OT netted higher DPS than WAR OT in situations where Shield Oath/Defiance were required.
Regardless, the concept of a "MT" and "OT" is largely ignored by progression groups and boils down to who is tanking what and when. Each tank has its moments in fights and you look to utilize the varying strengths in various situations. Sometimes that means a DRK tanks. Sometimes that means a WAR tanks. Sometimes that means a PLD tanks.

What race are you in FF? Do you think min/maxing racial stats is important in this game?

Currently, I'm a Midlander. During Alexander progression, I was a Xaela Au Ra. Racial stats are very important for serious progression. It can be the equivalent of an upgraded piece of gear!

Is it true you once deleted your character by accident? And if yes, how did it make you feel?

This is a true story and it was mortifying.

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