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But I’m the 1 telling the truth! If you don’t believe the truth at least ask her to post screen shots on her page of me fetishing minors or changing the ages etc 😂. Trinket lives a sad life!

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am i the only one that wishes i knew @TrivialTrinket and @NineGDxFour irl? lol
+36 answers in: “You 2 could be twins. I need your advice! I'm a 20 year old AFRICAN man, I live in California. A GORGEOUS WHITE GIRL (19 years old) at my university saw my tribal marks and ASKED ME “what if me and you get married and have a baby, would you do that to the baby?”. Why do you think she said that?”

Do you know people with whom you want to improve contact, but can't?Why can't you?Who are these people?

Like improve my contact with them?
Um there’s a girl @ my husbands old store who is engaged to one of the techs and she’s really sweet but I can’t shake this feeling of not liking her. I wish I could and be good friends with her but it won’t go away.
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