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What are the Best Powder Coat Finishes?

Powder coating is a method by which parts are painted. It was originally developed as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditionally painted finishes and eliminates the harmful vapors and solvents used in other coating methods. Powder Coat Services is proud to offer our customers a variety of specialized finishes for commercial parts. Each of our high-quality coating services is backed by industry leaders. Our techniques are compliant with ISO 9000:2008 standards and are recognized industry-wide as some of the best finishing in the business. Let’s take a closer look at some of our more popular finishes, which are perfect for any item that may be difficult to finish using traditional painting or coating methods. These include unusually-shaped parts or those that may need a specialized finish for grip and for environmental protection.
Powder coating is a process by which items are finished for durability, protection, and beauty. Unlike traditional painting methods using liquid pigments and harsh solvents, powder coating uses powdered pigments combined with resins and curing agents. The item to be coated is electrostatically charged, and dry powder is applied. Then, the item is cured in an oven. The powdered coating cures to a glass-like finish. This finishing method is perfect for items that may be difficult to finish with paint or other coatings. And, it is ideal for irregularly-shaped or sized items, as the powder adheres to all surfaces evenly.
We’ve been in the business since 1981, and in that time have developed unrivaled expertise in powder coated finishes. We stock a huge array of colors, including metallics, textured finishes, and varying levels of gloss. Much of our work is done in shades of black – semi-gloss black is one of our most common applications. We can even custom-formulate specific colors to match your company’s trade dress. If we don’t stock the color or colors you desire, we can source exact shades from our many suppliers.
The powder we use comes in different types to suit our customers’ exact needs. Polyester powders are typically used on items that need year-round protection from damaging UV rays and environmental conditions, such as outdoor furniture and fixtures. Epoxy powders are used in areas where exposure to oils, solvents, and chemicals are expected and where corrosion-resistance is critical. There are even hybridized versions of the powders, blending the best attributes of epoxies and polyesters. Textured finishes can be used to provide a grip or to hide surface imperfections. The end result, no matter what color or gloss you choose, is a tough, durable finish that stands the test of time.
We got our start in the finishing business by providing our customers with the best powder coating available. We also offer EPD coating to the highest industry standards.
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Andrew Binetter: What is His Professional History?
Built up in his home town Queenland, AU and in the USA as a highly-capable business leader, owner Mr. Andrew Binetter has really influenced his considerable proficiencies in producing a number of successful organizations. He led off his business venture at a youthful age, and by way of a combination of grinding and special strengths, has been capable to achieve financially rewarding organization ventures around the planet. Binetter is the executive of the Binetter Firm, a comprehensive financial control agency in Manhattan, New York. He today provides for in another capacity as a Managing Director of an exquisite food service provider based in Elk Grove, Cali.
The entrepreneur examined towards a BA Degree in Merchandising from the University of New South Wales in the latter 1970s, soon after attaining a Degree of Administration directly from the college in the late 90s. In 1998, he entered the college's MBA course, that was a cooperative educative opportunity together with the University of Sydney. His knowledge contributed to the administration and industry skill-sets he had readily generated, defining his venture towards excellence.
While a young professional, Binetter cultivated a keen interest in learning. Andrew acquired his start as a sneaker sales person for an in demand Auckland store; here he garnered beneficial practical experience in business and business management, guiding him to create his own individual shoes or boots shop. His fellow experst in the industry observed his abilities as a small business construtor, signaling the achievements he would keep throughout his profession.
Andrew J. Binetter's subsequent decision was to grab an opening at the assets consumer banking company Whitlam Turnbull and Company, Ltd., as an investments analyzer. He exposed a capability to distinguish rising global markets and to develop them for money-making intentions. Yearning to discover cutting-edge fields, Binetter got into the real estate niche in Australia and was crucial in managing a handful of large-scale commercial building projects in the Newcastle area.
Binetter is possibly best known for his background the food and beverage industry, having opened several impressive enterprises within this market. His primary business venture was a modest 100% natural juices business dubbed Tamarama Fresh Juices, which consequently grew into the most significant fruit juice producer and dispersal business in Sydney. Tamarama moreover earned numerous customers in the hospitality and charter airline meals service groups. In 2001, he was among the founding fathers of nudie Juices group of companies and served as the business's President starting in 2005. The supplier began very small, but indulged in accelerated progress in earnings and in assembly, over time stating world-wide attention in a couple of Australian Beverage Awards.

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