Ask @LegacyEsports:

You said the other day you believe the order from best to worst top 4 in OPL, included yourselves as number 1. After your games today, almost losing to iM with a sub ad, and being - I would hesitate to say - crushed by DW. Would you review the order of the top 4 teams?

We've definitely had rocky start and this week we haven't been playing very well. However come the end of the season I'm pretty confident we can perform on LAN again. People have told us before every tournament we weren't going to win so I'm not too worried about rankings.

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why do you rate yourselves above chiefs as a team? individually you rated the players of chiefs all above/equal to your players apart from support. is it because of the 2 defeats last year? before then they had been undefeated similar to thus far this season

Before then we weren't actually a team though. That being said I think there is only one role that is 100% better which is top (swippy so guuouoduoud) and arguably AD. I feel like we play well on stage and they play better online without the nerves. I wouldn't say we are necessarily above them as a team but I certainly wouldn't say we're worse. And even then you don't need to be better individually in every role to be a better team (Cloud 9 comes to mind). I have to point out that the super team was Rusty's super team and doesn't represent all our thoughts (though having a team askfm makes that easy to think). I wanted to answer this because I feel like a lot of people attribute thoughts to us that we don't share (Shit talking on twitter doesn't help I guess but it's tonnes of fun).

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Would u say ur team are the best in the region in each role, If not who would u rate the allstar team?

As someone who is not a part of the main roster, I would say the 'allstar' team from an outside unbiased perspective is
Top: Swiper/Perfection - Swiper on the nose
Mid: ChuChuZ/Swiffer - Depends on the day
Jungle: Carbon/Spookz - Carbon slight advantage
Support: Egym pretty much uncontested
Marksman: Raydere/King - Veteran/Newbie

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What do you guys think about Turkish team Dark Passage and entire Turkish LoL scene?10k people watched their wildcard qualify matches in a stadium and they played against best teams in the World like SSW and EDG.

I think they have a really great tight knit community, the size of turkey alone provides them with a really strong setting for LAN events, they are very lucky in that regard whereas we are spread out crazy distances. Dark Passage are a really committed team and have been together for years, having qualified twice. I admire their endurance as a team and hope that their matches against SSW and EDG only make their scene stronger! Go wildcard teams! - Rusty

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