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What made you change your playstyle to mouse again? also, are you going to play more actively after buying the new mouse?

When I came back from a long afk, I can aim nothing with my tablet. That's painful time to find my aiming back. But when I am playing with mouse, it feels well. I can control the cursor at most time in contrast to tablet-playing (because my tablet area is very small), which also improves my stream aiming. Then I throw my tablet away.
I graduated this summer, so I no longer have as much time as past. I will keep on playing osu but never be so actively. At the same time, I have some problem with my left hand, which prevents me from playing osu on a high level. New mouse is for a better play experience, too much shit miss with the current one xD.
Btw, I will spend more time on mapping than playing in the future.

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hi! I still feel beginner in this game after 5 months.. can you give some advice on good or bad habits? like alternate or singletap? play with nomod or HD? avoid DT? my osu name = askfm name

Reversed Kawaii
I'm sorry but I can't find your osu profile. Basically, if you have enough speed of single tapping (at least 130), then you don't need to alternate. All mods are needed if you want to improve. At early stages, doubletime shows an advantage and ability of reading ar10 is essential in the following stages.

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You mentioned in your previous post that some of the team members will afk after owc. Can you please specific any? Is spro included(It will be extremely sad if that is the case ;w;)?

spro said he wouldn't attend OWC2015 when we were fighting for SPD in All-Star. Thanks to score v2 that pulled him back to our team. Now OWC is over. He would play osu less often than before. This time I don't believe something can pull him back again. I just avoid using the word “quit”, for he has said “osu is joyful”.

View more | I wanted to see Asymmettry to set everything symmetrical, but it's easy to reflect upon something that's done later on. Good job guys, I was supporting USA but you guys won my heart. Definitely looking forward to the Chinese team next year. nerf rustbot

Nerf rustbot lol
He was our hope but may not attend future tournaments :( .
We just did everything we can and got the biggest surprise this year. Thank you guys.

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Do you plan on leading China again in OWC 2016? And please say something to all who supported Team China this year

Currently no further plans. (I can't predict what will happen next year. It all depends.)
This year we assembled most of our best players and broke into the OWC Grand Final surprisingly. We played many exciting matches with those great teams and excellent players, which left us the most valuable experience. Thanks a lot to those who supported us. It's an unusual case that we have so many supporters in such a grand tournament.
As I mentioned in previous answers, we don't feel regretful to the final result because 2nd place is far beyond our aim this year. Just feel a bit sad that some of us would afk after OWC.
Finally, thanks to everyone who let me enjoy the game. It's the best year since I enter the world of OSU!

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I know it's all over now, but what really bothered me is, why didn't you pick licca to close out your match? Imo it was the safest option for you to get a win on since your team did quite good on the map, and USA struggled a bit with it. Well anyway gg to everyone of you, you did a great fight

licca is a gamble map that anything could happen,which is not a safest for our team(actually we didn't have much confidence on it). The two maps we were ready to pick at that moment were To the terminus and Asymmetry. We discussed a lot after the match and reached an agreement on Asymmetry would be the best option.

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I just wanted to say you and other chinese players did a really awesome job even though you didn't manage to win this year -- you won in my heart and I was cheering for you guys all the way through. <3

Thank you very much. We all tried our best and I have to say USA is really a strong team who deserves the champion this year. We reached a new height in both team's history and will never feel regretful to the match.

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How did you manage to get #7 in China with only 3.5w pc? Practice is crucial,but what else?

I'm sorry about the unreal statistics on play counts but I have no intention to hide it. I actually have played over 110k pc in more than 5 years (3 years of mouse play and 2 years of tablet).
In the past years(from 2012, when ppv1 started), I always kept my rank in top 50 of China for. This year I started to participate in some international tournaments which helped me to improve my skills a lot after practicing those maps, as some minor tournaments did in past years.
That's also the reason why I became a staff of OCWT and running other minor domestic tournaments.
I know it is the best way to help those players who want to improve their skills from bottom of heart.
Some other conditions:
a stable playing setting
consistent playing (at least play once every week)
an optimistic attitude towards the game (to enjoy more maps,not to exceed more players)

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