Ask @LeiMartin:

What spoils people?

Not understanding the value of things. Monetarily I saved my pocket money to buy things I wanted and had to judge what best way to buy things. For example as a young teen I bought my own PlayStation, not given to of. Also people who take the people in their life for granted, you never know when they'll leave your life, regardless of age x

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If you had an ability to look into other's past, who would be the first one on which you will use your power?

Hard to decide between my dogs as they can't verbalize, my partner as people always keep things to theirselves and I'd only want to do it to make the relationship stronger, my mother and father for personal reasons or my Nana as I worry about her so much and Shes not got the greatest health but I always get the "I'm fine" answer x

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New answer as it happened last night: What is at the same time funny and sad?

Lei Starlet Martin
Last night I was crying because I miss my grandad who passed away at the beginning of January and that was going to be my first Christmas without him
As I'm trying and cuddling into my partner my youngest pup got round the back of us and squeezed in between, just the image of her little head pop in between the two of us stopped my tears and made me laugh she just wanted to make sure I was ok

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