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Next time you go to walmart invest in some bubble bath & a kiddies dressing gown.

Wasnt my tub. It was alexs. Tell her to invest in that stuff. Shes not my child.

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ha! the shit people write here! they sound like those "concerned moms" who fuck up halloween celebrations because they want to protect children from satan. they always think they're the best parents, and always find something the rest are doing wrong, which they will correct. i wish they'd go away

Me too. Fucking assholes

People always want to start something. He's seeing her, that's all that matters.

People are never happy!

is a beautiful innocent pic to you & me,is a source of pleasure for a perv.Like I said I learnt the hard way,so just warning you to please,please keep those pictures off the internet.

Maybe, just maybe you should be telling alex that and not me. Matts pic has a sticker over them that cannot be removed. Alex has psted very innapropiate pics of bellie so like I said, go tell her that. Not me.

Ok,seems you are so defensive,take it from someone who learnt the HARD way,it doesn't matter if you cant see "shit",fact is perv's troll the internet looking for pics of kids.They can & do end up on sites you wouldn't want them on & there is fuck all you can do about it when that happens.What


omg, i feel bad for you Lekota. i might be a weird anon but i'm not a mean anon, and you get a lot of those. so much hate! so much drama!

Right. I dont even answer most!

Did matt post pictures of bellie naked

NO. Her privates are covered by stickers that I edited onto the image. You cannot remove those stickers. Alex has posted actual nudes of Bellie and of naked vines. She does not want to go there. Because if she was smart, shed realize Matt has a lot of pictures that would get her in serious trouble and thats all i will say about that
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What happened with matts instagram

First off, someone should let alex know that MTVMATTMCCANN is a fake IG. Thats not Matt. His is private. secondly, there is stickers over her. You cannot see a thing nor can you remove those stickers. Thats a fucking lie.

Are you and matt planning to move out

My parents are trying to get a bigger house. Matt and I want to save for a car, then our own place


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