Ask @LeonaAntony:

Yes G Not really a question but do you think im ever gonna find true love even tough you dont know Me I guess.... sorry to creep you out but I was dared to by Jeswin Sorry Bro

hm well anon i believe everyone will have a chance to meet their true love its up to u to take the chance and just be happy with ur life and understand them so ye i believe everyone has the chance ,.. and which jeswin?

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what do you want to be when you're older

What i want most is to always be happy, whatever i do i want to be happy so ill probaby do a couple of jobs that i enjoy before finding a permant job, right now i quite like science so soething medical but on the other hand i love other things aswell like makeup , so maybe makeup artist ...idk all ik is that i will do wat makes me and people around me happy 😃😂

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