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Do you have a memorable picture from back in the day? PAP!

This wasn’t too long ago lol, but I can still say “back in the day” because the days of my life with them were the best of my existence ? look at their smiles ??
Do you have a memorable picture from back in the day PAP

Bruno Mars or Drake?

I love Drake but my friends and I used to jam to Bruno’s songs in 2012-2014, so Bruno Mars ? his songs hold a sentimental value

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why is it so important to dream?

I guess it’s more or less a plan you’ve set in your mind, whether you come around to making it come true is a different story, that requires effort. But in a sense, I guess dreaming about something is just like laying your blueprint?

Midnight walk or midnight ride?

Not like Amma appa gonna let me go out at midnight, I haven’t even turned 18 yet, but I’d prefer a midnight ride. Safer? Idk

Which is your favourite English horror movie

I really like the Insidious series, though the last movie was disappointing ? but overall I think my favourite would be The Conjuring

How do you express your love?

I’m usually vocal about it, be it with my friends or someone special to me. I usually tell them that they’re precious to me or I’d just give them hugs.

Dream job: Filmmaker or Chef?

Neither ? I'd kill someone if I cooked for them and any film I make would be about Harry Potter so no.

Most important in a date: Intelligent or Funny?

He doesn't have to be funny, intelligence I guess would be the answer.

Why are you even friends with joyce?

Because she's my bae. The cutesy piglet. And nobody condemns her. Absolutely nobody. I'll slaughter anyone who tries.

You discover an island and decide to build your own society. What is the first rule you put into place?

Everyone treats each other equally.

What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?

You're gryffindorable ;) and yes I've used it on a guy ? he didn't understand


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