Ask @LeontineKetting:

why can't you trust your own friends?

well because some of my friends i compared them as "my best friends" left me without letting me know at first
1 old friend of mine don't remember me since she deleted me at facebook, i gues i was gonna be stranger to her :(
i also officially ended up the friendship on a paper with the 2 other old best friends
one of them was glad i ended that because i was nothing to him (my best friend i have now told me a while back)
i hope he will live on the street for all i care since he said ugly things about me, we used to be so close to each other so i had a really hard time especially when i look back at our chat on facebook,
the other old best friend i officially ended up a friendship in a paper, once told me i was nothing when her friends was there
she called me an handicap when her friends was around infront of me, i overheard that, she breaks her promises, and she even bullied me
me and her used to spend the time with each other when we were kids but when we became teenagers everything came to bad to worse, i refuse to contact with her, even when she wants me too, i don't wanna talk to her anymore after what she did to me.
i lost a few other friends as well but i was very close to the 3 friends i compared them as my best friends,
i also have tons of friends who was telling my secrets, i was very angry, most people (kids) laughed me out, that was soo bad and awkward
so that's the kind of the reasons why i can't even trust my own friends

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