Ask @LeontineKetting:

do you get spams in your mail?

yes all the time but i don't do anything about it
i try to ignore it ASAP!
they do this for the money and i finally figured it out where this is coming from (i mean like how it starts)
don't open the link and don't answer your mails, your street, your age or however or you'll get in trouble!
and don't click on the icon when they promise you they don't get you spams anymore because they aren't be able to be trusted, you'll get spams even more so that's my advice!

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do you have epilepsy? (seizures) how to deal with them?

yes i used to had epilepsy when i was a very little!
i was eventually operated with it since the medicine didn't worked when i was 6,
i was just a baby when my first seizure was coming!
my mom told me all of this!
i happen to had my salam cramps (west syndrome)
my parents where afraid i could have an other syndrome called: lennox gastaut syndrome where you have so many seizures
but luckily me it stays with west syndrome!
i had complex partial seizures when i was like 3 or something
i remember i had an aura before the seizures where coming
i hallucinated when i was just a little,
it's like having a thunder in your eyes when you have an aura
(i had that talk with my old best friend and he happen to had a thunder in his eyes too (or atleast it was like a thunder what he saw) before the seizures where coming and after that he didn't remember a thing and he might had an complex partial seizures too)
i also hears a weird music in me or i saw a weird thing,
like a boat or a smoking thing before having seizures! (i thought i was crazy or something since someone else didn't see it at all)
i don't have seizures anymore since i almost turned 7 in 2004
but there are many people who still has to deal with it (i know someone who still has to deal with seizures)
but when it comes to tips i'm not good with that kinds of stuff
if you know what caused you to have seizures (such as flashing images at like: the disco) then avoid these then
and if stress caused you to have seizures: try to avoid the stress and don't freak out over one simple of things, then you'll be fine (stress is hard to avoid though)
some people have to deal with the seizures there whole lives till they die! (luckily me i'm not the one of them but i feel so sorry about other people who has to deal with it their whole lives)

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