ENG: I always say love is psychological but I do have a question. Why do we feel it in our chest? SP: Siempre digo que el amor es psicológico, pero sí que tengo una pregunta: ¿Por qué lo sentimos en el pecho? OLGA

It involves your mind and as well as your heart. Eg: you think about the person you love and you love that person from your heart:).

Have you ever been pantsed or given a wedgie? 😂

haha no wbu?

Roller coasters or water slides?

both :D

what should be an equally humiliating reply to guys who humiliate girls for their small ass size? :x

small penis?

whats your insta bb ill msg u there your so pretty

you tell me your's i will follow you on it:)

Hola, hemos creado esta página para @ShermanMaCcartney 😍 y esperemos que nos sigas y nos des muchos like, pásate por su ask es muy chistoso y es guapo, únete al @shermanmaccartneyfans y por cierto muy lindo tu ask ❤️ te esperamos ❤️😚 Sherman MaCcartney fans


you bi or lesbian?

why do you think that iam a bisexual?

your number?

who are you?

can we talk whatsapp?


What's a dream you've had that you wish was real?

That I get to be with someone who is crazy for me

If you are online Like this, I wil ask you questions:)


I want you lesbianism


i want lesbian with you

What?fill in the blanks?

come deve essere la ragazza dei tuoi sogni?💕


te sigo, sígueme deja like y te los devuelvo, lindo ask❤💙 JALE


Pasate por mi ask,pregunta lo que quieras :) ,devuelvo mg :) Lesbianas bonitas :3

you r pretty:) when are you visiting india?;p

Tanti auguri di Natale A te e alla tua famiglia ❤️❤️ Mary_2000

thankyou so much:)Same to you though iam late lol

du you have snapchat?& do you Send nudes? ( i'm a girl)


Kik ?♥

deleted kik sorry:/ iam available on whatsapp and ig

Oque faço, me ajuda,?

what happened?

Te lee y te sigue ----> Pásate LGBT ❤


Hola preciosa pasate si gustas ❤ PAREJAS LESBI


Ig ? Snap? Bbm? Or anything i can do to contact you?

ig n whatsapp

@alexernst asks, "What is your favorite romance movie?"

ps: i love you

What's your Instagram?

you give your's i will follow you


Ask @LesbianForLyf:

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