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I couldn't tell you, but you already know. I love hearing your voice. Love when we talk.

you don't miss it if you stopped talking to me

Just tell me one time I'm good enough even if it's not for you instead of making me feel like I just ain't good enough for anyone...

you're always good enough <3

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How can be a b a pice of shit like u I rhought I'd feel better but I feel even worse I still doing it cause u just don't care it's even funny to u its sad to me

bc i got hurt once now everyone's paying for it oh well

I had feelings for you m since I first saw you when we were in high school. And we’re mid twenties now. The past is the past and I was always loyal. Please come back I know you’re on here🥺❤️ it’s not to late to still do all the things you said we’d do (: it’ll be hard but we can do it

:( sorry <3 come find me and message then

I have zero problems with you. I don’t hold onto hate. Your hatred will eat you alive. Go to therapy please

i quit therapy because i'm the problem

You said you had feelings for me. That you loved me. But that you knew that we would never work out. U never even gave me a shot. What if I could have made you the happiest girl in the world? What if right now, you would have already had the life u wanted to have ? Why couldn’t I get a chance?


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