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Why is people such assholes when someone has depression? Do you know those words you say affect so much that can be a decision between life or death 💀


Are introverts and really quiet people weird to you?

no they're like that because they're not comfertable around you

What if you met someone that was rich and you thought they were poor would you judge them differently before you new?

i don't judge off social status

Please can we let go of eachother... I don't wanna have another mental break down

you're a free agent so as you please

You have pride and ego issues but said I do. You’re on here still saying disrespectful stuff about me or how much you don’t miss me etc. there’s obviously some feelings still there. You’re just too proud to admit it or ever come back even as friends. I love you ya know☹️💔

how do you even know i'm talking about you tho 💀


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