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If I post that think she will stock my page and see it?

i mean if she has feelings otherwise no... lol post for you

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Is it ok to tickle my bf until he agrees to buy me things?

no that's weird he should be buying you things anything

Hey I have a question about my profile picture do girls do that often have there head on my shoulder like that cause that's the first time that ever happened my face looks soo surprised wasn't expecting her to do that

JP12345’s Profile PhotoJamie

is the political opinion of the person you like important to you

lol yea not dating someone who's family is racist even if they're not

Why are the people on here such toxic bullies? Like people on here have no problem harassing people and bullying people. Like it’s ridiculous, do you even have a soul? You think you can say whatever tf you want and you shouldn’t feel bad for it?! God people online especially on this app are sh** ☠️

right? so weird

Some words you say can’t be taken back. If I would’ve known you read everything I sent I wouldn’t have. I thought you changed your number or redirected my emails but you read everything /: for me I allow people to take back words but I know you don’t and that’s okay.

i did change my number


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