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I loved you and you were my world. Your opinion shaped my opinion of me because I thought all of your opinions were perfect. So when you listed off all my flaws and issues it really hurt me. I thought your flaws were perfect & i was ok w/themWhen you’re hurt sometimes you say things you don’t mean.

if our love was enough we could've worked srry not sorry

OK we cannot throw us away for some dumb b. S. That isn't even true. Either one of us. Tell me what time you can call and I will make sure it is on and I am ready for ya. I'm sorry baby, I'd never abandon u. You are the only one that can make me leave you.

we are thrown away

I'm better when I don't have contact with you. Sad but true.

i can't think of anyone i miss contact with but i'm glad you're doing great :-)

You gone miss me this time. You won’t be able to find me.

i don't miss anyone at all i move on, something you should try i probably haven't made contact for a reason bby

I lost you twice #, I lost you as a friend when if fell in love with you, and the second as a lover when we became strangers



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