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You know what's worse than rejection? —Someone pretending to want you in order to use and abuse you— Be grateful when a person is decent enough not to.


I can take us someplace far away but you don’t trust me and I tested you, you can’t keep secrets. Look around there is no mystery about you anymore. One day you’ll see me far away and you’ll understand.

check what you did for me to not trust you

What do you think about someone who watches everything you post but never likes or comments? Why do people do this?

i think they love me

Go to a state phyco ward cause u need it it ibthink the 45 years of drinking every day an blues a Crack did something

i escaped sorry

Someone could not push away love more than you, you never deserved any of the love a gave you never any of the forgiveness. It will not be yours ever again

cry about it


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