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تاريخ ميلادك واستلم سوال وانت وحظك لو خايفه متقوليش

Ummmmm text me someone !

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Ladies of all races and all colors you’re all special, don’t let anyone or any man make you feel you’re less than you really are, remember if it weren’t for you none of us men would even be here

Except super niggers yo

Are you bothered about people’s sudden change of behavior when they used to be so witty and never made you think you are bad? They’re kind and supportive of you and believe you could also overcome it because they don’t have no problems with their self-esteem and positiveness.

I'm bothered by my parents and neighbor. Also bothered by people using the word bothered. Also bothered by 5-0. Also bothered by my heart

Some people are born into families full of narcissists.

Yeah. My family really be fucken w me ........ Damn wtf

Why do you use this site/app?

Cause it's fucken awesome. I'ma put it on my Instagram bio and get a like bot soon

to everyone who suffers from bullying:smart people never make u think that u are bad. They always support u and believe that u can achieve smth, because they don't have problems with self esteem. Others don't deserve ur attention and time. ❤️

isayevaisayeva2627’s Profile PhotoSly Ana
Thanks hoe

What’s the difference between effect and affect? I always forget

Affect idk I think u can use it past tense idk dude u tell me smartie

How does someone who you barely know well and don’t talk to that much know you better than you know yourself?

Know-how and technology and $$ to pay workers Id assume


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