Ask @Lewismattc1: The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

SNES remix

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Celebrity Deathmatch

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It's ass whoopin' Wednesday!

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What have you learned today?

Never give into temptation.

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Lucas And Marcus Dobre

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what are 3 songs you recommend? Oingo Boingo: Flesh n' blood Oingo Boingo: Home Again Altair Nouveau: Space Fortress

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Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

I sometimes think so.

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They broke the parts of me. They broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

Motivation Monday

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Enjoy the brutality!

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Enjoy the movie guys!

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American Gladiators 1989

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Spring sunrise or autumn sunset?

Autumn sunsets. Sunsets are beautiful!

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Do you have a person who can make you happy? If so, who is this person?

The Lord can make me or anybody else who is sad or going through a tough time happy.

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What is your favorite season?


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What fruit do you eat the most often?


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Super Nintendo!

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What's your currently favorite show on TV?

The good doctor!

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With crackling sounds!

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Collegiate wrestling!

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Stand up!

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