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Sorry. Don’t be mad. How long was your last relationship?

I’m not mad 😂 both of them were about 5 years

You say the most weird shit on your profile, I can see why you have no friends This is not a shout-out either

You still give a fuck enough to read it though 😂

Why do you take forever to answer questions

Because this app is old af and I just started looking at it again like 2 days ago

Confession: you are a jerk there’s no doubt about that but I used to find you hot 🥵 and super attractive. Wish I still had my favorite picture of you cause your to attractive to not be looking at . ❤️ unfortunately my heart was not good enough for you and that’s okay. I don’t want to change you.

Thank you that’s really sweet idk who you are but I guess that’s the point 😂😂

If Your Partner was doing almost everything right since you guys met (treat you so good you have no complaints) but you founded out he was sleeping with a friend. Would you leave or try to work it out?

Someone I’m in a committed relationship w? Bye 😂
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So…. Would you deal with a rich person who treats you like shit or a poor person that adores you and loves you completely

Poor person 100%


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