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Trust me. You lost someone who has dreamed of being with you every day since July, 2013. You lost someone who would die for you. You lost someone who you loved secretly for years and who loved you secretly too. You lost your number 1 biggest fan. You were a celebrity to me. I didn’t lose. You lost.


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I wish we were still friends... I have hope that one day we'll reconnect but you have to initiate it. I've tried and you completely shut me out. I wish the best for you but I wish I could be a part of your life again. I guess i don't really know what I'm wishing for, you're a different person now

Change is important, nobody should stay the same person

After your job I want to stop by your house to see who’s living with you

What a weird thing to send a stranger on the internet anonymously

Of all the people I've seen on this app I think you have the most fun with it. 😊

Thank you! It’s crazy how serious people are 😂💕

You make me happy and you is where I want to be.. No in between... Good or bad, right or wrong... I been f#$ked up since we called it quits months and months and months ago... Can't wait til we actually speak again, I got so much to tell you🤣, but I love you. Continue to have a great day

My last break up was 7 years ago so idk you got the right person pal

Bahamas Fiji or Hawaii only one you can choose?

Bahamas, please don’t encourage travel to Hawaii! The locals are being forced into homelessness as tourism expands


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