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What do you expect out of life?

Before the end of it. I want to accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself. Finish college and have a family of my own.
Like, I want to travel and see things I've never seen before.

Have you ever been in a relationship that everyone was against ?

Yeah, but idgaf. My friends didn't like him, some of my family didn't like him. Only because he was always on BS, big cheater. So they had every right too.

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What was your high school weight vs your weight today?

Omg‼️ 😂😂 After high school too. I was 180 almost 190. My current weight is 162-164.

Are you more likely to date a man who is a entrepreneur or a man who has a study 9-5 job?

Neither. I’m single & I'm currently not looking.

My brother gas our laptop to work on it. We forgot that my wife’s pics are on it. Do you think he’s looking?

😂😂😂. Idk. I mean if he’s only supposed to be working on the laptop…then he shouldn’t be looking through it.

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Can someone tell me what an influencer is?

Kinda like someone who is influenced by another person. More like being inspired by someone…

You don’t have a problem with being friends, but yet you don’t want to tell me who you are? Yeah it makes perfect sense.😒😒

You’re the one anonymous 😂


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