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You're so cute😍😘


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Ur a babe

Thanks 💕

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R your parents strict


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Boy pants or g string

Holy shit I haven't been on here in decades

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please text me 402-415-8019

Who's this

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if you had a bf would you tell him where to put his hands while kissing and hugging?

No he does what he gotta do

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Which one are you in your dp

Kyle Rhode


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Ever play slap tennis

Wuts that

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Up Upfor a challenge

Who all are you hanging out with right noe

Ty, dev, and Ethan. Or I was.

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What's the most physically painful game you've ever played with your friends

;) can't say 😂

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what part of cali


West lake, Thousand Oaks area

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Where you from?


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Id love to say you are stunning and sexy ..but you d probably hate me because I had said it .

Gracias :) lol

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Hot or nots?


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what happend with you and braydem

He's cute idk he like fell of the face of the earth

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Hope you had a good day and you are beautiful

Awe thank your stranger

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Your ass is actually huge

Ask is dry. Wya people?

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California isn't a city

I know

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