Ask @Lidostaytrue2:

Get yours straight becuz after football where will you be hurt with concussion then your fuck

I never had a concussion or really been hurt so you must have really fell in love with ham got hurt and got neglected lmao but it's ok bcus if I ever got hurt I wouldn't need ham I have family and friends who believe in me I would just get better and do what I do best run the you have anything else to say if so please be a man and put your name if not be a bitch and ask these questions but ill gladly answer them:)

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Big muscle with little dick that's them steroids you are taking

Oh ok so because I stay in shape and lift everyday I take steroids and have a little dick I guess if I just said fml smoked weed every day and not have anything in life to live for I'd have a big ass dick Smfh lol haha if being successful working hard and accomplishing thing means I have a little dick so be it

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You and you so called brother leak are over hype and y'all are so cocky

Thank you so much coming from where we come from and starting from where we did I'm glad we are good enough to even brag about anything bcus we cud be in the streets braging about whooping hoes like you but instead we doing what we have to to make it plus you don't do the things we did to just be called over hyped your technically a hater but have a nice day:)

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