Ask @Lightfellow:

I've seen Mushishi Zoku Shou second season but I feel like I haven't understood it. What makes it the best anime ever for you ?

Mushishi is not the anime you have to 'understand'. It's by no means Lain or Ergo Proxy. When it makes a point it more often than not is lying on the surface. What sets Mushishi apart from all other anime for me is its execution. It explores it's setting like no other anime has ever done. It shows us the world through the eyes of Ginko, who is, quite surprisingly, not a main character of the stories at all. Mushi are. Or other people.
And yet you grow very attached to him, because he is a very well written and developed character.
Those stories themselves are amazing. They show all the different Mushi and lots of ways people coexist or fail to live along with them.
All in all, this anime feels very satisfying to watch because while it is a kind of slice-of-life show, it's basically filled with content. You just need to appreciate it.
And the last season of Mushishi does this better than the previous two. That's all there is to it.
Some say Mushishi is boring, but those people need to GTFO and watch their harem or school-shounen shit.

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How would you exhaustively explain why you like Final Fantasy 12/ think it's a great game ?

It has BY FAR the best gameplay from all the Final Fantasy games and probably second only to Valkyrie Profile 2 in the whole jRPG genre. It features mature yet easy to follow story, multidimensional characters with clear-cut motivations and it explores very good topics. On top of that it has very appropriate design choices, the best voice acting I have ever heard and a very fitting soundtrack.

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