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Name all yo ex's....

I cant remember all of em.... But um, Darryl, Juamar, Jelyn, Damond, Paco, Marquis, Vincent, Corey, thats all I can remember, lol.
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If you had to choose a type of color that you thought represented yourself, which would it be?


Do u n kevin like each othaaa? How tee feel bout dat?

NAW!!! and um if we did, she aint got no say so in nothing, thaat would be between me and him.. #JS! & I tell her a lot of things so I would let her know before anything escalated. Nbs.

How much money have you spent today and on what?

Im in the citty, so you know how that go... At the store everyy two seconds for junnk food.

Why you try to hook up leron with diana?

Lol, I never tried to "hook" Leron up with nobody! I know how he is, so that "girlfriend" shit deaaaadddd!!!!

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