Ask @Lintehee:

What are you most known for?

Legit just screaming and being down for anything. Not enough car seats? Dibs on the trunk. Offensive joke accidentally screamed in class? The teacher is laughing. I probably won’t die *Said as I jay walk.* “I’m not confrontational” five seconds later “Fight me.” My teacher said my personality would go to jail for like burning down a building for moral reasons (Am v chaotic good huffyfddvgfc). I made my friends drive me around for hours trying to get rick and morty szechuan sauce while dressed as Rick. *Reverse catfishes people online.* *They want the D anyways* OnO. And to top it all off, constant magenta jokes. Like y idk but magenta ❤️

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

I’ve had several friendships all in the same day about four different times. First, excommunicated by one person in two friend groups in two separate occasions. Then I was excommunicated by half a different friend group which ended my connections with those friends. The worst time was losing my childhood friend group by my own mistake a few years back. We didn’t end on bad terms and a few people blamed themselves when I went away. I tried reconnecting with them later, but life moves on. We all make our own choices and they chose to leave where I came back. Even now, I find myself following their path and slowly becoming distant from the remaining people in that friend group. That being said, I have met new people that I have made really good connections with that I will cherish and not make the same mistakes as I did with my childhood friends. I’d be elated to have my old friends back too but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

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