Ask @LionJonathann:

Which is stronger – love or hate?

Love is of coarse no matter how much hatred is in this world there will always be love. There is so much violence,cruelty and hate speech through people and it is disgusting. This world should be accepting everyone and not pick out a persons flaw and hurt them they should just focus on the positive side of them and be kind.

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I just want to say it is disgusting for someone like SoulStreets who was bisexual to betray the LGBT community and support anti LGBT statements and now saying no longer supporter of the LGBT. It is very sad and pathetic for someone like him who did that just try get hateful friends. He is example of a petty heartless person who doesn't deserved to be loved by anyone. He deserves nothing and at right now I hope understands the massive hate he will receive due to his stupidity I have never met a person that petty, pathetic and weak to not stand up for what he is but to instead push it and act like it never happened.

View more xTeresa is STILL glitching to the front page, What's your opinion on this?

It is because she is sad she can't get any sales with her ugly designs. She desperate in many ways to get clothing sales like Adri does but she needs to learn she can't. She is also desperate to make a front page game by making a basic stupid gear fight game. I swear she has no creativity or unique in her she just rename Unique to Basic. Because nothing stands out at all from Unique they are the same as Delia's or any other typical basic fashion group.

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Unique is doing interviews tomorrow at the same as Timeless

Ok well Natalie likes to copy everything so. I mean I don't get why she calls her group Unique meanwhile they copy Delia's ad's even our interview time and even her clothes are copied I swear she is so dumb sometimes. She should have named her fashion group a different name because I don't find it unique at all. It reminds me of Delia's number two so dumb. But whatever we usually get more than 100 people in our interview servers so good luck to her with her leaked interview center.

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Opinions on Unique?

Hm let's start off with the name. See they are not unique at all because they literally copy everything. First off in their description they had the world is filled with copy cat thing and suddenly they remove it when they started copying Delia's ad's interesting thing to learn. The fact that the owner even designs things that are basic too so I don't know why she even named it Unique anyways. Also another thing I want put out the fact she even dresses as Caysa which kind of scares me. Now Caysa has 3rd sister now named xDaddy

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