Ask @Lisau_u:

Do fuck boys exist in Pakistan?

Ali Haider
This is actually really tragic question, most of the boys who contact me on snapchat is either Pakistani or around Kurdistan they seem so genuine sweet n shit but at night so disgusting asking disturbing questions about sexuality like tf.. Wake up you dont want your damn future kids to have an example like you in future? Have some respect if you’re sexually frustrated get help.

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Thoughts RN💭

Dawood Khan
You know whats sad my friend use to date this guy for almost 6 years and they broke it off due to him cheating on her, and he got the nerve to tell people that she was a hoe, this is whats sad with breakups when people end things in a peacefully way, people have the nerve to call someone who use to be THE love of their life for nasty names.. why can't people just close the chapter and be mature its not 2014 grow up? wtf

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