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Have you ever had to use monologues in an audition or an acting class?

In one class we did a comedy monologue and wrote our own dramatic one. And just for like 1 or 2 auditions

who from your acting class or school have been on anything like shoes, commercials, films, etc?

Quite a few!

Are your auditions in person or threw video?

Some are taped some are in person. If its a local then you go in person(:

do you get nervous before auditions?

Sometimes but once i step foot into an audition room the nerves disappear

how long does it take to find out if you got an audition and if you got the part after?

Sometimes your agent will let you know the day before , sometime a few day before the Audition. And it all depends on the call back dates to determine who gets the part.

what classes do you like better cathryn sullivan classes or cathryn harrtt classes?

I only have taken one class from Cathryn Hartt when I was 10 so I don't really remember but both are known to be great coaches!


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