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I did love you but you switched up on me

U don’t even know half the shit I got going on so u know what I could care less be happy leave me alone with the negative shit

Is there anything that you want back? Do you think there’s someone out there who knows how to help but too shy to ask how?

My life. The old me.

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What does it mean if a guy says he has feelings for you. But, doesn’t know what those feelings are.

Aren’t real feelings if he doesn’t know what they are now are they

There were two reasons why I didn’t talk to her. For one I liked her but I was too nervous. And for two I would have talked her, but then she kept doing things that pissed me off so I didn’t. And that is why I decided to work in an area that was not to by her.

idk who youre talking about but i dont like when ppl talk badly about others plus i think you should speak to that person directly and not to me , the problem is with them, no offensse not trying to supress your emotions are disregarding your feelings but just being real with you

Today's women are lazier every day, they don't want to cook, they don't want to wash and they don't want to take the initiative to conquer a man until when will we have to put up with this, let's go back to the 50s where women were worth it 🥹

if u want a women that does all that make sure u can take care of her finically bc tht means she gotta stay home all day in ordeer to do all that for u, be fucking forreal

What do you prefer reading or watching TV? Me personally, I would prefer to read more.

i like reading bible stories

Do you think that in a relationship where you truly love someone, you’d choose to keep your relationship details private? Or can you still genuinely love someone and keep almost every aspect of your relationship details public?

Depends the type of person u are. And what ur into.

Why is it that some people don’t want to accept that there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in friendships/relationships?

Cause their idiots


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