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Do you have a cast assessment for the cast of Australia the Outback

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At the moment, no. I have to record it, but it will not be accessible to general viewers or players until after the season is over.

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Do you think Roman was robbed of the win in Exile Island? Do you feel like Paul deserved the win and was a good player?

I feel as if Roman did deserve to win, but Paul was also very deserving. In the end, Roman should have had a bit better jury management because if he would have had one more vote he would have won.

favorite blindsides from Exile island

(in no particular order):
-Colton because it was such an early move and so unexpected especially after the Brittany vs. Kelly fiasco.
-Patrick because the Patrick and Felix duo clearly was a pre-made, so it was great seeing Felix fight on his own especially since they survived the pre-merge on challenge wins mainly.
-Josh K (if this counts) because Paul played the idol and either way Josh K would have been sent packing. The end stretch of Floreana basically sinked their chances of winning the game and the Marchena Three stampeded to the Final Four! Also, first and only returning player sent out.

Why are you answering on questions like, who should that person and that person bring to the end.. and stuff like that? You can't answer on things that are happening in the game right now, you can answer them after the game.. (Ex : You were talking about who Ethan has a chance against in F2)

I answered those questions after the seasons ended. That's why at the end of each question it says, "(# days ago".
You're right, I would never answer a question like that during the game.

What is your process in deciding who returns for another season?

For All-Stars I sent out invitations to all people I deemed as eligible. For that season, and that season alone, I only allowed a maximum of 3 people per season to make up the 18 person cast. From there I was able to narrow it down to 18 castaways perfectly as the rest did not return my mails because they were MIA. For that I may have had some sort of application.
For Exile Island, I asked about 5 people if they had wanted to return. They filled out an application similar to the new players and then I selected the best castaways for the theme and those who wanted to play the most.
For other themes it may be far more competitive, and so a more full casting process may take place. However, I usually make a long list of names that I shorten before I send out invitations.
So far it is invitation only, and those who have the best applications and determination comes back.

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which jake is better from exile island. from strategic and character standpoint.

I enjoyed Jake D's plotting personally. I think he had an underlying chance to win, but he wasn't as big of a character as Jake F throughout the game until the end of his game.
Both guys have good strategic games. I don't know if I could rate one over the other.

If you would given a chance to have your seasons compiled in a DVD, who are the 6 people from each season who will be in the cover of each DVD? Thank you.

Okay, I will be able to answer this question!
Survivor: Tonga -
Kami (for no particular reason)
Survivor: Madagascar -
Survivor: Brazil -
Survivor: China -
Danny P.
Danny S.
Survivor: Greece -
Jacob C.
Steve B.
Jacob S.
Survivor: Costa Rica -
Survivor: All-Stars -
Jordyn S.
Chris B.
Survivor: Galapagos -
Survivor: Exile Island -
Josh K.

thoughts on final 3

2 out of 3 Marchena made it to the end, so that is impressive. RyJam's journey to the end was expected, and part of that was his fault and part of it was not due to the stigmatization that he would not win.
However, an understated Final Three. I would say Erik was robbed of a win, but that is the game.
(Asked 1 month ago)

episode titles?

Episode titles are added at the same time as they have been completed to be read.
(Asked 1 month ago)

How surprised were you /10 at the Jake D blindside?

I wasn't entirely surprised, but I wasn't not surprised either? lol
(Asked 1 month ago)

If Ben and Ethan had made FTC together in Galapagos who would win?

I think if they get to the end together with someone like Nate, Ethan has the win because on paper it seems like he made the most decisions, but I would not count Ben out.
However, if they make it to the end with someone else like Bryant, neither of them may win.
(Asked 1 month ago)

As a host what are your current thoughts about the group game community.

The group game community is a very fun place to be, but I feel like the community has suffered from a severe lack of organization as well as a lack of exposure. I believe the group game community is also severely underrated as it brings the closest experience to the games we all know and love.
Johneh's ability to add T$ prizes is a great start, but I think there could be more resources for us to use that we may never get from the developers, so I am trying my best as a host.
(Asked 1 month ago)

Compare the final 2/3 in each season to a F2/3 in CBS Survivor

I tried doing this, but it took me too long. It is hard for me to compare the players because they are pretty unique, but also I have not seen every season of CBS Survivor.
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