Ask @LoickLegacy:

How did you come up with Project2nd and its story? What inspired it and the characters, aside from Japanese culture?

Mmm good question. I read a lot, where i live is more a library than an flat so beside some webcomic which use/d to learn/ing how to draw. A famous comic Valerian & Laureline I've alway been a huge fan of it the adventure the story and the relationship between these two is so adorable. LOTR and the Tolkien universe huge fan too, Douglas Adams for the jokes and humour.
For the japa

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What do you feel is more important in art? Proportions, Perspective, Gestures, Rendering or something else in your own words?

Technique is a good par of the art, the only issue with that is it take years of doing to get to a good level. With that aside, The story and characters. work with characters you like and you want to see evolve, the story is also a good part of it because you need a good story to get peoples hooked up. -w- the story need to be swift and quick (I still need to work on that too).
The most important in ART is to do what you like and to it for good reasons.

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What do you think of what happened to Charlie Hebdo?

I stand in solidarity with all journalists, cartoonists, and social commentators threatened with violence or attacked by censorious fanatics.
It's not about religion it's about the freedom to do express ourselves. Here in France it's written that we can express ourselves.
Liberty of speech
the right to seek information and ideas;
the right to receive information and ideas;
the right to impart information and ideas
As an artist no matter the trolls the harassment and threat we have a right to express ourselves beyond the easy critiques and useless hate we all stand for the right to tell a story. For Charlie it was playing making fun of the political and world news, other is just to tell a story about tolerance or a story that need to be told, maybe not in the eyes of everybody or even a few, the matter is when you draw, write or sing that you like what you do and you're doing it to bring people laughter, hope or just something they might want to follow even for a while. Being Killed, bullied or threaten for a drawing isn't in the right mind. Even if some it's offensive or they don't have the right to do it, by the time that someone threaten you, harass you and tries to take you down. By the time someone start to do that They're wrong and you're right Drawings are something that take part of you in it. A drawing don't need to look good to be great, that's what behind that count. When you draw you put an opinion, a hope, your feeling and yourself in it and the freedom to do it cannot be taken away.
Being threaten, harassed and killed for doing art no matter what belief religious, politics or else isn't something that should exist.
Drawings can't harms.
They're an old saying at home that say the Feather is stronger than the sword.
You can kill someone with word as with a swords but with the pen you can put idea in motion, you can gives people hope, you can bring nation together for the best and sometime the worst, a pen is meaning of expression and hope. With a pen you can defend yourself and your opinions because a pen alway need a mind to set it in motion for the better a sword need only hate to be splayed upon us all.
Yes, we are all Charlie. Beyond the manhunt to find the culprits, it is the best answer we can send to the people responsible for this act of war against France . We owe it to the victims, our friends.
“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” –Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier (1967 – 2015), publisher, Charlie Hebdo.

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