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are you violent?

i got a quick temper & i threaten to beat alot of asses , but i haven`t really beat somebody`s ass in a couple months . so no :)
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If you could change your skin color to anything outside of the natural palette of skin colors, what color would you choose?

Pinky-Brown with a little Glitter ;D

do you judge noobs on imvu ? stripers ?

first off , strippers* ? no , i enjoy them . get it how ya live namean .
noobs , sometimes . but i`m teaching myself to cut that out , that`s really not fair . i was nooby at a point . but yeah , no i don`t judge .

What's on your mind today?

accomplishment . i accomplished everything i set out to do today & i feel pretty good . what`s on yours ?

ya nervous someone will take yo girl from you, cause she finee as hell.

lmfao if you can take her you can have her . this is gonna be fun to watch .


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