Great! So, let's see, about Alwine (glad to see another female character on the battlefield, we need more women like that D:) What are those stickers on Alwine's weapon box?

Those are the stickers she collects , her hobby is to collect stickers, when she receive duplicates she usually gift them to her fellow comrades

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Do you still visit twinoid? (that shitty site you liked)

No, its now crawling with some really toxic people (Riela still plays Teacher Story every now and then) wich is a shame, since not only is where i wrote my first novel, but i had a lot of good memories.
Maybe i log in just to say Hi xD

Goddammit! and I thought that she would be waifu material T_T

I'd say she can be your waifu, as long as you take care of the cooking xDDDD

In general I think that she is quite beautiful, cool and confident. But will she have something that she is not good at all or situation where she would feel awkward?

Oh, she sure would be flattered hearing that xD
Regarding your question: She is not very good at cooking (worse than me, so you'll already get an idea of how bad she must be)

Surprising hobby! out of curiosity: how is Alwines's alcohol tolerance?

Alwine's alcohol tolerance is surprisingly high

Yay you revived the ask :D Now to celebrate, I want to ask you a question regarding Alwine. You do not have to answer it if you do not feel like it

Of course, as long as it is not something that can be a spoiler it will be my pleasure to answer

Only girls cried for that republic soldier. Real men cried when Emilia breaks affter the epic battle

Indeed, the whole operation had a pretty sad atmosphere. Now keep that in mind, every enemy you kill is a son/father/lover/ you are taking away from someone

How would a Imperial fußsoldat fare against the kingdom Ogres?

The Imperial would fare decently, their weaponry is effective against human targets, but has problems penetrating the thick skin that some monsters have, so they must rely on support from the mech units. If they wish to live, they should keep their distance and take cover until the reinforcements arrive.

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