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ur maps rly dumb

tq >w<
actually i have a troll map, <3
if you play my dumb map, thank you
if you cant play/judge how i map my dumb map,... i cant say anything to you ^^'

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can u stop doing shit bn works? i'm very surprised how can you be bn lol

that's cool, because even now... im still a BN D:
but i wont take this seriously for those people who cant even judge properly...
hmm you know? judge of where this question even come from. So... have a nice day! ^^'

Remap everything? I thought only the mania needs remap?

to make a proper spread for every mode, yeah, gonna delete it someday and really start over :)

You planning to remap that L2?

YESSSS, when osu fix the hitsound editor, and im going to REMAPPED whole dif, and remake whole set for whole mode, and hitsound ALL of them, this would be my masterpiece and my LAST beatmap for osu, then i will retire from osu..... ( busy irl... im dead )

Are you popular IRL?

popular is not a good words to use... so no im not... ^^
but im well known as a designer,programmer,all android related stuff, and whats more important is 80% people knows that im addicted to rhythm game...
( blame me, i play rhythm game everywhere, even on weddings party, i play it on my phone @_@ )
also known as crazily detailed person, sometimes could be call nerd.
in student life, has no enemy or haters, everyone is my friend unless 1 or 2 student that keep their distance to me, they consider me as the fucking score rival, meanwhile im so carefree i dont care much about score and always try to help my friend to get a good score,unlike them.
as for friend, its so so, mostly friend from works and school, and the one that have the same world with me( if you know what i mean ), for example i love anime, it will be hard to have a good conversation if they dont even know anime or dislike anime.

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Hyhy, LordRaika o/ I have a big question about how to get your BN check, or what is your policy/requirement? Tq for answering

Hi ^^/, umm okay, Here read all of them carefully and keep it in mind ^^
To get my bubble or qualify is pretty much simple since i wont make it hard for you BUT!!!
Remember! you need to know that your map is FOR all player in osu! and QAT to decide....
[1st] Confirmed the metadata, metadata and METADATA.... wrong single character is a strong enough reason to "Disqualify" your map. Tags and Difficulty name as well.
[2nd] Look.... http://puu.sh/g0wRW.jpg <<< Allright? it's not me that are being strict here.... so FROM NOW on... i will be strict on checking your pattern, why? because you guys keep on saying "its ready, its ready, its good enough to rank, its final...." then when it got ranked, there you have your haters and QAT ask... is it enjoyable??? i cant even help you if you don't revise your own pattern for this one.
to fix this criteria, get more testplay, if people dislike it, ask why and where and how that could be more enjoyable/comfortable to be play, Do this!! its highly recommended from me.... Testplay strengthen your friendship, you might also get new friend from this, and finally.... TESTPLAY because if you don't get your comment now??? you will get your comment after its qualify/rank, and it will be too late to regret. i hope you guys understand this. ^^'
[3rd]Technical issue , not to map at no sound part at all.... "Hitsound!!!!", it's really necessary, its 'not' my requirement, BUT it has been criteria on mania even its not written. and finally SV is allowed, but... DONT use OVERLY and too aggressive SV, what is aggressive SV? A SV that makes the scroll MOVE at lightning fast speed and then stop at the slowest part, then fast again, in short... ITS TOO hard to read the SV especially in first play.... Also another rule is ##NO SV change on lower dif if higher dif doesnt even use SV change##
That's all , keep that in mind, it's looks LONG, but it's pretty much simple requirement....
if you meet all the requirement , feel free to ask me! I will help anyone, i DONT give more priority to my mutual or people oon my country!!! Im just being fair and nice here.

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How to map like you? T_T

i have two special condition to beatmapping :
1st. I must not feel asleep, i must be fully concentrate AND i need a place where it's very quiet, peace and calm, the "best" time is early in the morning 3AM, in my own room and i can start mapping. [ Also note that you won't be able to find me mapping online, yes... so i won't get distract by any other things ]
2nd. It's "love".... no it's not joke XD ... i love rhythm game, i would like to put my best on it, and needless to say, you can tell what kind of mapper i am, even my pattern is clear as blue sky + it's EASY, but i myself enjoy it very much. I'm sure most people will agree on that, unless you really dislike my style... it's not a problem too :)
That's all from me, the rest is pretty much you can find in most guideline...
Yeah, technically its based on experienced.... and again and again i must say....
MAP something that enjoyable, if you dislike on what you map, HOW CAN people love it???
So it's best to try to improve/remap it, BUT if you like it, but people dislike it? try to ask their opinion why and how to make them enjoy it? that answer will add it to your mapping experience. Trust me....
Good luck to whoever ask and read this ^^b

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You so busy Can i know what else that make you busy like job maybe?

Well... T^T , so much stuff to do, especially GD request, i'm happy that people say they love my style and would like to have my GD on their map, so i end up accept soo much request ;w;
Same goes to hitsound mod, you know that it's hard for me to refuse people's request....
Currently my usual stuff :
IRL : College, Work on Design & Program, Family and Friend stuff.
Osu! : Hitsound Mod, Accepting any design and audio stuff, GD request, BN stuff and of course if i have
more time... i would like to play more , and even my own mapset T^T.
Free Time : SLEEP!! ( most important things ), play lots of any other kind of game and if i still have more
time, i will go and watch anime >w<.

What is your nickname beside Raika,i mean some title or else i wonder

lol just Raika, dont know as you can see people just randomly call me something about good at hitsounding things , someone intelligent also weak at playing XD
ah, also this is what i got, i still remember it not long ago about what was the best nickname for myself >>> http://puu.sh/fMpaD.png
Final Note, im the kind of people who can be 100% serious or just joking....
i hope people can tell when im serious or not ^^'

Hello Mr. BN ^^

Kazamastar11’s Profile PhotoKazamastar
Note : Tbh, i dislike people that notice me because of title,
but i do appreciate it if people respect me because they know who am i and what kind of people i am. ^^
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hello Raika . . .(>^o^)> hehe, i want to know how your feel after nominated as BAT ? (16 votes total) jawab yang jujur ya vroh :v

lon_n’s Profile PhotoAvalon
i think i won't be able to make it, but somehow i got enough vote,
don't know.. i will just do my usual modding style with some bat previleges. ^^/
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Woocaoo, all of your hitsound file is crazy. You made it right, and i am free to use it?

hi XD , well yeap i made it, and i mst also say that some of them is not by me.
yup, feel free to use it >w< , and glad that you like it~

What's other rhythm or music games that you played beside osu?

VOS was my very first rhythm game....
well looots of it... you can say i tried most of rhythm game...
currently love cytus, deemo,and osu! , quit other game since no update....
and playing instrument with software....

do you know kazamastar ? can ya describe him ?

yes i do...
hmm... a mapper that have a strong will in mapping...
imo... if he keeps up and get more experience, he will be a great mapper one day.

Do you play an instrument? Which?

once again,....
IM NOT PIANIST, honestly i dont play anything
i jst knw at least how almost every instrument works XD
but i love almost every instrument out there ^^
favorite :
PIANO > Violin > Guitar > Etc

who are your favourite people on osu?

only one amongs all....
DjPop that inspired me , on how he ever hitsound 20dif with 400hitsound , furthermore... with scripting....
If friend, i have looots of my favorite, i say...
almost every of my mutual friend ^^

How many people do you think you've met in your life?

approx. 400 names that i ever met and know each other.
and 350 user in osu~


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