Ask @LosaBigBrother:

Okay honest please: who made the most moves to get themselves to the final 2 on their own: Dino or Caleb?

Well, I think Dino made more moves to get themselves to the final 2 and played more of a game : Stay low for first few weeks and then wake up. However, it is not all about making moves, it is also about great social game that Caleb had and Dino didn't. Dino = Better strategic game. Caleb = Better social game. Together = Amazing alliance to make it to the end. Winner = Person with better social game - That's what usualy happens.

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Opinion on Caleb?

I think Caleb is a great guy. He was nominated a lot of times.. The other day, he had immunity twice. I mean, he played a good game as well. He maybe didn't stay off the block, but he still somehow survived all this times when he was on the block and he made people think that he is not a threat and that they should keep him. We are probably gonna see him again in my series!

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Top 5 Houseguests of Season 2!?

Uh, there were a lot of great players this season.. (I'm not going to incloude the people who are still playing the game, I don't want to ruin any game-plays)
In no particular order (Only Evicted houseguests) :
- Bubba
- Mimi
- Kamani
- Jon
- Kiki
They all had big targets on their backs and were really good players. Sadly, Kiki got banned :(
Bobby also played a good game, but started playing it a little too late, if he would play the game from the beginning he would be up on that list!
I feel like Janet and Nick would be amazing players, but got voted off early. I don't really remember Jaxon, I loved Toya, but didn't see much from her :( Jake was kinda floating...
But everyone were great <3

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