Ask @LotteV_UTAU:

Are you spiritual or religious in any way? If so, how?

i used to be, but then i learned to be skeptical of pretty much everything, including religion. now i don't believe in anything unless i'm given concrete proof, nothing vague or plain faith-based
some religions and spiritualities have good philosophies though, like buddhism for example, but i don't believe in the supernatural aspects of them
that being said i do understand why people are religious and i'll never hold it against anyone. especially since i come from a non-religious household and dabbled with it on my own, only to let it go again. but yeah

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When has science been wrong?

...what even is this question
science isn't about "wrong" or "right". science has no agenda. science is ever-changing, and whichever new findings and conclusions come up through research, science changes its methods based on these findings and conclusions
so technically, science cannot be "wrong". sure, there's a lot we still don't know and there are possibly certain things we can never prove or disprove, but that doesn't make it "wrong", it just means "we don't know"
idk man stuff like this pisses me off bc it assumes science has an agenda which it most definitely doesn't

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