Ask @LouisTomlinsonof1D:

dont worry louis....everything is going to be just fine...stay strong and know that there are people who are gonna love you no matter what.So be happy and live like the way you are...👍 p.s love you

Means a lot love thanks x

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hello louis! i am a huge fan of yours. you are the best. congratulations on your baby son. may god give him health. stay blessed. love you to the moon and back

Massive thank you for your wishes sending all the love!

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U might not be able to answere this question caus ofc u have million others but i just wanna thankyou for doing all u did for us and u always stood for us . I love u sooo much 😘 u dont even know my name but if u werent there i wud have been dead long ago ..

Whatever your name is love i’m really proud to have such an amazing fans like you and i love you to bits!!

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Louis Tomlinson
I said it on my twitter and here i am back here after a very long time to say it again. That night was a very emotional night !! Never can we thank you enough for how special you have made the last five years for us ! I hope you realize what we have all done together really is incredible. You guys have made us what we are today! we’ll be back soon enough! So keep smiling :) #BestfansEVER #Brothers

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