Ask @LouisYamato:

What is something you want people to know?

((I want people to know my RPs don't affect the RPs of others, unless who I RP with wants them too, or if the person I RP with uses multiple accounts and they want the RPs to connect. Quit giving people crap about what happens in my RPs. It's annoying as hell, and it makes me feel horrible… I already want to die, I don't need trolls pushing me closer to the edge…))

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As for my half-brother-in-law... I'm not sure about him. Even we fellow Great Ones have no idea what he's up to. He's mysterious even by our standards.

Huh... Alright then...

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+1 answer in: “My most sincerest apologies, my dear boy. I assure you that I have no intention on frightening, enslaving or otherwise harming you. We Great Ones can't help our eldritch powers and appearances. We were just born like this.”

Are all emotions a choice? Can one choose to be happy instead of sad?

((Fuck off. Depression and anxiety aren't choices. And some of us have to deal with that shit everyday. Some days, I have to force myself to get out of bed and hide my sadness, just to take care of my sick parents. So shove off!!))

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((Guys, just in case you needed an idea to change up the RPs with me...))

Louis Yamato
((I like action and romance in the RPs, but if you want, you can have my character change form during the RP. As in, you can have transformations happen to my characters to make the RP different. Whether it to a full blown animal form, anthropomorphic animal, partial animal, or anything like that, I will try to work with it within reason. And the changes can occur how you want (magic, technology, etc.)))

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