*The mutant slams a deformed fist into the ground, sending obsidian spikes your way*

*she blocks them with demonic wood spikes, yawning*

???????: I am responsible for turning the once lush civilization on Venus into the hellscape it is now. What hope do you have of defeating one imprisoned within the Earth by the gods themselves? Mutant: *Reanimates the cultists through molten lava, before sending them at you*

Akumu: Because you are still an ant before me. *she throws seeds at the cultists, using them to turn the cultists into trees*

Mutant: *Manages to grab you, brutally slamming you rapidly into buildings, cars and the street itself*

Akumu: *quickly recovers from this and sends demonic wood spikes through the mutant's arms* *she's not me, so don't attack the mun*

???????: Ugh, forget it. I have more important things to do. Keep your miserable plot of existence. I'll deal with you personally once my pawn has freed me. Mutant: *Attempts to attack you before being impaled on a dozen obsidian spires, which drain the life and mutations from him*

Akumu: We shall see about that.

Cultists: *The reanimated ones expire while the living ones retreat*

Akumu: *kills the fleeing cultists with razor sharp rose petals*