((A little history about Akumu and the Hell Council))

Louis Yamato
((With the Hell Council, it started when Lucifer, a trusted angel, willingly became a fallen angel to help preserve the balance of Heaven and Hell. There are 13 seats, 1 for him and 12 for the rulers of the various demon lands across the world. Akumu is the youngest member at only 170 years old, with the next youngest at 380 years old. However, she has quickly grown in power and has become the 5th strongest, and is a skilled alchemist, supplying potions to any who need them. She's also very progressive, aiming to end the use of hellhounds as slaves.))

...I am so keeping her away from Hastur.

((Heheh... She's from a different Earth than the one she's fighting your cultists on, but she still will fight for what she feels like. I rarely use her here cuz she's basically my OP character, but she has her uses~))

...And Nyarlahotep. DEFINITELY keeping her away from him.

((She's still a kind queen, loved by her subjects. Her current project is to make her anthro Absol husband (owned by a friend who isn't on this site anymore) have a longer lifespan, so she doesn't have to outlive her soulmate by hundreds of years.))