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???????: I am responsible for turning the once lush civilization on Venus into the hellscape it is now. What hope do you have of defeating one imprisoned within the Earth by the gods themselves? Mutant: *Reanimates the cultists through molten lava, before sending them at you*

Akumu: Because you are still an ant before me. *she throws seeds at the cultists, using them to turn the cultists into trees*

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+5 answers in: “???: Kill the pathetic b!tch who calls herself a demon. Make her into an example. Mutant: YES MASTER! *Vomits a geyser of magma at you*”

((A little history about Akumu and the Hell Council))

Louis Yamato
((With the Hell Council, it started when Lucifer, a trusted angel, willingly became a fallen angel to help preserve the balance of Heaven and Hell. There are 13 seats, 1 for him and 12 for the rulers of the various demon lands across the world. Akumu is the youngest member at only 170 years old, with the next youngest at 380 years old. However, she has quickly grown in power and has become the 5th strongest, and is a skilled alchemist, supplying potions to any who need them. She's also very progressive, aiming to end the use of hellhounds as slaves.))

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As for my half-brother-in-law... I'm not sure about him. Even we fellow Great Ones have no idea what he's up to. He's mysterious even by our standards.

Huh... Alright then...

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+1 answer in: “My most sincerest apologies, my dear boy. I assure you that I have no intention on frightening, enslaving or otherwise harming you. We Great Ones can't help our eldritch powers and appearances. We were just born like this.”

What do you hope your mom never finds out?

((...of course this question came up today, of all days... on a day where I miss my mom more than ever... I really wish she was here right now... I feel so lost, and don't know what to do anymore... I wish I could hug her right now, and have her tell me everything will be alright while I cry...))

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