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Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? Is there a limit to how much pda people should show?

Only if its inappropriate or making others super uncomfortable. Like if you're dry humping right next to people waiting for a bus haha.
But I have no problem with people showing pda :) when you care about someone, you can't help it.
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Why do guys have to manspread??

Haha well I guess they don't want their jingly janglys being squished

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👊🏻 Is there anyone you would seriously punch right now if you had the chance?

Haha no. I'm not a violent person, even if someone upset me. So the last thing I'd want to do is seriously punch someone.

How long does it usually take you to get over a break up?

It depends on how close the bond was in the relationship. Like if you were in love or if you were casually seeing each other etc.
It takes me awhile usually, if I really cared about them deeply. I think also, it's the loss of a best friend I miss mostly too at those times. But I'll find things to distract myself with, or work on myself etc, so I don't even really have much time to think about it.

I'm thinking of dying my hair this colour do you like it ?

lovemycatsmillie’s Profile PhotoSophia
I approve. I will say though as someone with that colour hair most the time, it fades pretty fast haha. So if you're willing to redye it every 2 or so weeks then you'll love it

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babe, baby, darling, beautiful, angel, sweetheart or honey?

I usually use sweetheart, or baby sometimes

Are you a feminist?

I'd say yes, but not in the extremist way a lot of people seem to view feminists as. There's extremists in anything, even religions, and they make the rest of the people following those beliefs look bad, when actually the majority aren't that extreme or toxic.
Basically I believe in equality. Which means men being equal, women being equal. I just want everyone to be on the same level and not feel lesser than. Includes races, sexuality, disabilities etc. That's all I wish for. And so when I say I'm a feminist I mean it in the way most of us mean it. In that all we want is for the sexs to be equal. (that doesn't mean lowering men to raise women, it means letting us all be level)

who are prettier the german girls the ukrainian girls or the italian girls

How about we don't compare any, and stop being shallow

Do women like simps?

Some might, but not all women. Depends on your personality and what you're interested in haha. I personally get really really put off when someone simps

I think I’m having a mental breakdown, what are the chances of me being sectioned at this point?

Usually someone gets sectioned when they are in immediate risk of harming themselves or others. Also being sectioned isn't fun in anyway shape or form and can add stress to an already stressful situation. So definitely reach out for help atm if you feel you need it so it doesn't get that point 💖💖🤗

How many people are on your blocked list?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
59 apparently hahaha. Most of them are anonymous, and that can be the same person over and over (which from seeing snippets of the messages were absolutely the same people over and over.) so maybe probably 30 if you take away the repeats?

If someone slapped you in the face suddenly and for no reason, how would you respond?

First I think I'd be shocked and just stand there for a second haha. Then I'd read their body language to see if they're messing around or if it was an aggressive slap. Depending on their vibe the reactions would be different. A jokey slap, I'd slap their arm of something and be like OI BUM FLUFF.
If they're aggressive I'd push them away and tell them to ride a cactus

Hello! Last night, while you were sleeping, I implanted a microchip into your brain in order to control your consciousness and your actions. Accordingly, you have spent the entire day under my total control. What did it make you feel?

yyazazazyy’s Profile PhotoБлуждающий Биоробот
Pretty normal I suppose. Also I didn't sleep much, so I'm impressed with thge speed in which you came in and implanted it. Next time you take over my brain, can you make me do fun stuff like a road trip or something.

Do you tell people what they want to hear?

I like to be honest, but not to the point it's blunt and inconsiderate. I always try and word things in the most considerate /useful way. So I may soften it a bit with my words but I don't outright lie just so they hear what they want to hear. Like when my friend asks what I think of her outfit, I will say honestly haha. And that's why she comes to me for advice, because she knows I won't lie


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