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How would you ideally start of your day? ☀️🥱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Usually I make a cup of tea, or a latte, and read for a lil bit. Or showered and ready, depending on my plans for the day.
Ideally though I'd like to start the day with something like yoga, exercise etc but most the time I have like no energy in the first half of the day to get motivated to XD.

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Say you were asked to act in front of a camera, how do you think you'd do? 🎬🗣️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think I'd go okay. I've done a bunch of acting in the past on or of camera. I usually prefer on camera tbh as its less live haha.

Do you have a song which is your guilty pleasure? 🎶

PlanetShelby’s Profile PhotoShelby
Stay by Justin Bieber. I don't usually like that kinda music haha being a predominant metal head haha but for whatever reason it's super catchy and makes me feel like dancing weird. So I like it. Haha Justin can go do one though.
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Would you want to be a vampire?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Haha I get called one all the time so I guess I already am XD.
But in all honesty no i wouldn't. I would hate having to turn people into vampires or drink their blood, just for me to get their essence. And I also don't think I'd like living for all eternity. Would be pretty boring haha. Part of what makes life special sometimes is the scarcity of time.
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Have you ever worn long gloves?

I did when I had my Holy communion as a kid. I felt very fancy. I recently bought some long lace gloves for a possible outfit for an event next month :)

How has your day been today?

Alphabearry’s Profile PhotoJoel
They're okay, loads of my friends barely have talked to me for the past couple weeks and it's starting to make me feel a tad lonely and isolated tbh ha. But it is what it is. Been trying to occupy myself with things to do in free time but it's been a little difficult. Other than that I'm okay. I hope you're doing well?

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Do you think children should be taught worship and scripture at school?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
As a kid who was, I don't think you should personally. By all means they can choose whatever religion they feel inclined to follow as they grow up. But I don't think it should be in education. I remember doing tests for religious studies, and there were section's on exams that asked if some things in life were right or wrong. And I put that I felt some were right in my exam, and I got failed because they didn't agree and they wouldn't pass me till I changed my opinion. Like for example, one touched on euthanasia, which I think people who are terminally ill have a right to choose, especially if they're suffering. So in the exam I said I felt people morally should be able to decide on how they go, of they know they are passing soon anyway, but suffering the whole time.
But because it was catholic religious studies they consider it a sin to end your own life. Regardless of the circumstances. So because I said I felt they had a right to choose, I got marked down considerably and had to change my answer to say it's very wrong... Just so I'd pass.
That's not good education. That's forcing you to have the same closed minded opinion as someone else. It's not allowing free thinking.

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What's something that instantly can ruin a good mood?

Bands_Over_Food’s Profile PhotoCheri
Someone else being in a bad mood and venting it on people. I sometimes absorb the energy of people around me. So there's been times I've been having a nice day and then someone who was in a super foul mood would be around me, venting it and it would make me feel poop too ha.
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