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What have you been doing in life? We miss you

Writing; performing; recording; and learning music; primarily...

Do you still love your ex?

Yes I do. Whether or not she wants to be with me in an intimate relationship; I wish she would at least still communicate with me, and allow me to provide advice and help when it's appropriate to do so...
I also have a couple gifts that it would mean the world to me if I was able to give her; that I think would actually make a significant difference in her life.
So far; she won't even allow me to give her back the things of hers that I still have here.

Anybody wants to talk about mermaids with me?

Sure. What is it about mermaids that you think are the main reasons you are fascinated by them?

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What's your deepest regret ?

When I had the love of my life returning my love; I was in a state of stress about her medical well-being. As a result; I allowed my emotions to take control, and ended up getting so upset that I pushed her away; and into the path of danger.
Every day I wish I could undo the damage that I did

This app is fucking dead

It all depends on how it's used. There are those of us who will give you a complex and nuanced answer and/or unique perspective; but just like the general population, we are in the minority.
There are always far more people offering shallow or trivial questions, or asinine/ignorant answers, but that doesn't reflect on the individuals who are completely distinct from the norm...
This app is fucking dead

Hey 👋👋👋 Want to take a step to meet love. Where to go? )))))

If this is actually who I think it is; I'd love to meet up!
If your phone number starts with 905 , tell me the other digits of yor phone number, and I'll call you from a secure line in the next couple days to arrange a place and time where we can meet up...

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Do you believe in true love ?

Yes; but it isn't what most people think it is...
True love is about self sacrifice. It comes as a result of two people who start off infatuated with each other, and then decide to commit to each other so totally; that they both put the other partner's needs, priorities, and well being above their own...
It is NOT simply becoming infatuated or obsessed with the person who is so right for you, that the intensity of your crush never fades... THAT is an impossible thing that literally NO-ONE ever finds.
If you set that as the definition; or standard, for "finding love"; you are absolutely setting yourself up for certain disappointment, because that has literally never happened to anyone.

Do u have dad or mom issues? I have a horrible dad wishing I had a loving dad to be there for me.

I lost my dad to a horrific tragedy, where my dad had a brutal death, and I was the one to find his remains.
I can tell you that in EITHER your or my scenario; it is EXTREMELY important to be very careful who you pick as the primary male role model; that you use to substitute for the dad figure...
Choosing the wrong male role model figure often will lead to DISASTROUS long term outcomes...

Broo im so confused. I like this guy as more than a friend, ive know him for only a little while but he said “i love you” multiple times tonight over text and on call yesterday night, but he treats me like a friend only. So im confused, i asked him why he loved me and he said “ur so cool man”

I mean; you started this question with "Bro"; so if I had to guess, I'd say that what's happening is that he DOES have romantic feelings for you; but that he feels like (because you sometimes talk to him like you are one of his guy friends), that you ONLY like HIM as a friend.
Try acting a bit more feminine towards him (i.e. absent minded-ly brush your hair with your hand while looking at him, let him catch you looking at him "dreamily" every now and then, and OCCASIONALLY blush and look away when you see him notice, {don't OVER-do this one}, and if he says something you find funny, don't be afraid to laugh and then make direct eye contact immediately afterwards...)
These tips may sound silly or overly simple, but you might be surprised how much they can work.
If none of that's enough, you might have to be a bit more direct and start just openly complimenting him when he displays traits or qualities that you admire...

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I’m musician i writing music, do you want listen to my music on SoundCloud and on YouTube

Sure; send me a youtube link; and if I like what I hear; I might seek you out on Soundcloud

Can I follow you on social media Snapchat and Facebook Instagram and Twitter

That depends. Do you already actually know who I even am? I'm not interested in having a random person who has no clue who I even am following my social media...
If you DO know who I am, then tell me what my name is; and where I lived when you knew me.

Would you ever put 87 octane gas instead of 91 octane into a Mercedes in order to save on gas money (Owner's manual says you can do it, but don't press hard on the accelerator)?

I wouldn't. Premium fuel costs a bit more, but also burns more efficiently, so with the reduced mileage you would get out of using 87 octane, you actually won't be saving very much; if any money.

Why do some people cheat and get away with it?

They may not have their partner discover it, but no-one really gets away with ANYTHING!
God sees everything we do, and everything we have done. If we will not repent and turn away from sin;we will ALL be judged very harshly for the sins we are guilty of.
The Scriptures say :
"be sure your sin will find you out"
(Numbers 32:23)
Why do some people cheat and get away with it

do you let tears drip on the floor?

Do you ever do anything other than ask the same question over and over again on ask.fm?


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