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Would you rather continue your life as it is or start it over?

Continue my life as it is. I am with the girl who I know I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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i follow you cuz youre gay pretty much i had to send a ❤ to everyone i follow so here is your damn ❤ have a great life you gorgeous motherfuckers

Idoittomakegirlshappy’s Profile PhotoHallister wilson
haven't been on here for awhile.. whats up everyone ??

fav fresh man sophmores upperclassman ?

In no order
Freshman: Damirje Alivia Viv Naomi Summer
Sophomores: Rylie Dzana Tim Celeste Kylen
Juniors: Gia Tori Barbie Lindsay Rachel Sharik Nicole Tatyana Josthana Mia Emily
Seniors: Brea Dayton Dylan Brian Breana Shannon Callie Hannah Olivia Elijah Robbie Logan
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aye girl love you much

I swear if anyone even fuckin lays a finger on her you will have me to deal with😠💅

What's on your bucket list?

Really hope my best friend can get her boyfriend to hook us up at the frat party

Send @'s for Tbh videos?????

So glad that you dm'd me the other night! I have missed you so much bbg💞💓 and I'm so happy that you're doing well!! You still look beautiful as ever!💁💅 I will keep my promise on us getting to see each other again someday! I love you so much Josie😭😭💖💖💖
Send s for Tbh videos
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