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Are you into podcasts or do you only listen to music?

littlexari’s Profile PhotoJuno
I like some podcast like this one on Spotify called sistas who kill in loveeee

Should I accept someone’s apology who did me wrong yes or no?

Up to you depends on what they did tho me personally if you actually feel like they did you wrong when they say sorry say thank you for your apology nun of that I accept it stuff !! Just a thank you and move on

HI! 🙄 How do you get over a friend's betrayal?

Cut them off
1.block them 🚫
2.get rid of pictures with them
3.find new ones
4.focus on you
5.do what makes you happy

Do you think it is important to have the closest friend or is it enough to have good acquaintances? 👻

1 closest is always needed

What kind of friend are you? 🙄

Quiet one depends on y’all who I’m with my personality is based off who I’m with I create different personalities for different people I’m also really overprotective when it comes to people picking or messing with them

Would you rather keep the life you have right now or restart your whole life and try harder, the only disadvantage is that you CAN NOT tell anyone you are from the past or anything about the future and you have to deal with whatever you change because of time traveling

I think I’ll keep the one I have because I don’t have time to restart and still mess up again lol I kinda love my life how it is right now tho :)


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