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Do you think Jackie Chan would shit a brick if he actually sat down and watched "High Risk"?

He's seen it, and Jet Li and him are good friends. Don't know how he feels about Jacky Cheung though.

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During his days in Sammo's Stunt Team, Chin Kar Lok performed a lot of crazy stunts in films. Was he insane, young and dumb or did he feel like he had something to prove?

Probably all of the above ! People like him made the greatness of Hong Kong action cinema with their blood, sweat, and broken bones. Now kowtowing to him.

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Do you have a favorite "gwailo" actor? This excludes Cynthia Rothrock, who was a hero from the get go, and Richard Norton, who instead of a typical henchman, was always the boss villain.

Probably the late Darren Shahlavi, though he's not from the Golden Age of HK action cinema.

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Is Donnie Yen better with or without Yuen Woo Ping?

A year ago I'd have answered that he's better without, because while Yuen Woo Ping gave him his break in Hong Kong action films and some of his earlier classics, Donnie only became an A-list action star and trailblazing action director a decade after the two stopped collaborating.
But now, I'll have to see Ip Man 3 and Crouching Tiger 2 before I give a fuller opinion.

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Which is the most offensive Sammo Hung movie,"Pantyhose Hero" or "Don't give a Damn"?

Neither in my opinion. It's humour, and I believe you should be able to laugh about absolutely everything, save perhaps for tragedies that are very recent. Once you can't laugh about everything anymore, you lose a precious catalyst. Political correctness, in short, is the death of the soul.

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Worst Jackie Chan film, "Mr. Nice Guy" or "The Medallion"? Saddens me that Sammo is involved with both of them...

I'd say The Medallion is worse, because it shoehorns cheesy supernatural elements that just don't fit with Jackie Chan's style, and ends in a flurry of shitty CGI.
Mr Nice Guy is average at best, but has at least one or two moments of brilliance (like the construction site fight).

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Favorite Sammo Hung film?

Probably Millionaire's Express, though another day I might answer Dragons Forever or Pedicab Driver.

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What's one of your favorite 'little things' to enjoy in life?

do you fancy eddie peng's biceps?

are you sammo hung?

What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?

What is the purpose of life?

What's your favorite pickup line?

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