Ask @Lubna_Mun:


Because of my dark skin, facial features and curly hair, often times people tell me that I look Ethiopian. Very flattered, I respond "thank you", and just when I begin to feel the conversation coming to an end they go "no offense tab3n" !
Okay ....
First of all, these Arab and western beauty standards reinforced by your Twitter and Instagram news feed are not yours! You are African, I am African, your sister is African and so is your wife, husband and loved one. It's a no brainer really that the way we're supposed to look is not long straight hair, not pale white skin and CERTAINLY not green eyes.
When young Sudanese girls and women grow up being told that white is beautiful and ideal, but then they look at the mirror and begin the destructive process of comparison between what they look like and what the society wants them to look like (what they're supposed to look like). So basically yes, all those girls got skin diseases and cancer because of you! Because you put conditions to them being accepted and embraced. So thank you, for bringing shame and inner death to young girls who only want to feel beautiful.
Second of all, how could you categorize and isolate beauty? How dare you ignore all this dark beauty and these afros and curls? Do you not know that beauty is random? It does not take groups, races or colors! It falls into whoever it falls into in whatever shape it does.
So honestly, next time you wanna tell me that I look Ethiopian, you better wear the biggest smile on your face because THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and a racist self pitying pathetic human being is not going to change that

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