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i'm trying to learn piano, i'm a pretty fast learner since i grew up playing music, but i just play random things to improve, what's a good way to learn/improve? i feel like my current method is rather subpar also how are you able to write so many compositions per week?

The best way to improve is to learn pieces that you find really difficult. Even if you can't learn it all you will walk away better than when you started it and that's a guarantee.
I can do that because I'm well practiced I would say. I play and compose everyday so it becomes easier the more you do it =)

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I was wondering about 7 months a go if i can use some (A LOT) of your pieces for a visual novel what i´m working... of course isnt for money is for enjoy and give a great time to others (if i can) and i need music, sometimes i imagine some pieces by me, but i never wrote one... :/

Yeah of course you can, you can use as many of mine as you like =)
I sometimes listen to Mozart and Beethoven pieces and imagine I've wrote them haha, I think everyone does that sometimes =D

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hey its Beth (rawrbeth) and im still looking through your pieces and i find some that are almost what i was imaging, so i thought id ask you cause you know your pieces? xD i love The war ends and Aura, so have you done anything similar to them? If you don't know ill keep searching :P thankyou!

Point number 1: Why are you so perfect? Point number 2: Would you marry me? (Just kidding, we have to be couple first ... I'm still kidding, hehe) Serious question: Have you had mental blocks? Love you.♡ I'm sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue :3

Ume [梅]
Sure lets get married! =p
Not really, I rarely have mental blocks, I guess I'm quite lucky with when it comes to that. Your English is perfect!

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Actually, I have two questions. First, what is the average time it take to create an original compisition? And since you're doing a lot of anime cover, what is your favourite anime? Your music is great. Never stop composing.

I improvise most of my originals, so usually it takes as long as it takes you to listen to them =)
I've only seen 1 anime (Death Note) so I guess that's my fave haha I know about anime music but I don't really know anything about the actual animes.

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Hey Lucas, I'm trying to make my own composition for my school music project and after listening to your songs. I'm really curious on how you were able create so many when I can't even make one. Can you share me some tips?

Its just something that takes practice, if you look at my first compositions they're like 2 weeks apart, now they are daily. Lots of practice.
Just start with a chord progression (a minor, f major, c major, g major) or something like that, only 4 keep it simple, and find a melody to go over it and you've got a piece =)

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Hi :) First off, your music is just so beautiful and inspiring, I must admit that I listened to it whenever I'm studying! I'm a hobbyist composer myself and I would like to know if you went into music college before? Is it hard to find a job as a music composer like you? Thank you so much :)

Thank you very much!! I did go to a music college but left before finishing. Its hard to find work in this line of work for sure, but qualifications aren't needed for it so that's a bonus =D

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Can I put some of your songs as background music in my videos? I will give you credits on screen + in the description! I will put the link to your channel+ a link to the original upload +your donation link there as well!! --> I won't use it if you're doubting this even a little, I respect ur choice

Of course you can! all my music is copyright free so you can use as much as you like =)

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