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from the looks of krystals posts, it looks like something bad is gonna happpennnnnnn

get fuckeddddddddd

why arent you and krystal cute on facebook like most couples?

guess we arent like most couples? ;s

ho: krystal

Have you ever just seen someone and knew you had to have them? That's pretty much how it was. So I made her mine as quick as I could. I gave her everything I had, and perhaps I did that too soon. When I laid eyes on her, I just could not get over how beautiful she was, perfection. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, they will not see her, in the way I do. Whenever I am with Krystal, she makes me feel like I'm the only guy in the world, she makes me think that no matter how I'm feeling, or what I do, everything will be okay at the end of the day, because she's there for me. As soon as I realised I was in love with her, my days were brighter and I couldn't imagine a life without her. Her laugh is the best sound in the world, and I'm going to really miss hearing it. I'm going to miss seeing her smile, and cuddling her to sleep..
I wasn't going to do this HO, because it's hard to write all of this but Krystal is a one-of-a-kind girl, and I guess just lucky that I got to be with her, and that she loved a guy like me.
I really wish her the best, because she deserves to get what she wants, and deserves to be happy!

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do you think Krystal asks herself questions about you, just to make it look like people care?

Idk? hahah what the fuck.


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